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Box Score Check out the Box score of how many are missing, unconfirmed, and confirmed as found.
Classmate Status Take a look at the status of all classmates.  This is sorted alphabetically by last name.
Lost/Missing Classmates Take a look here to see which classmates we desperately need help with locating.  We have no information on these classmates.  Any help would be great.
Unconfirmed Classmates Great Reunion has done the initial research, but we haven't received confirmation of the address as yet.  Check this out, and use the included form in this report to let us know your address. 

Also, scan this area for classmates that you may be able to either confirm as correct, or otherwise update us.  A large number of our classmates do not know, as yet, that we are having a reunion, or to look here or elsewhere for information.  Help us locate these people as well.
Confirmed Classmates Hopefully, you are in this group (rather small, as of July 14th, 2003)  If you are not on this list, visit the Unconfirmed classmates, or lost classmates pages above, and send us your contact information.  We will get you on our email list, and you can keep very up-to-date on the planning, and attendance at the reunion.

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